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By equipping our traders with the most profitable and worthwhile options with the world’s latest technology, we are the top broker in the cryptocurrency and CFD industry! The prosperity and success of our traders is our main priority, so therefore our fundamental goal is to make crypto and CFD trading as rewarding as possible for every trader out there.

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Place your trades on diverse financial markets with a selection of over 10,000 assets. Our profound trading platform, the Swiss29, provides advanced charting tools and various types of trading executions.

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Swiss29 traders can profit from the bullish and bearish moves of many tradable instruments, such as Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Share, Indices, Commodities and more.
Join Us and enjoy the chance to profit from both up and down market cycles.

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Trade wisely using a high leverage to maximize your profits!

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Better Pricing

Experience our versatile low spreads trading platform and receive the best prices for your favored assets.

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Enjoy a Wide range of opportunities to diversify your trading portfolio.

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